Cawdor Forestry is a professional resource management company, specialising in long term forest planning and management, landscape design and visualisation services.

Our approach is innovative. We apply the latest technology, from digital mapping to 3D modelling, to help deliver management systems that are both efficient and effective. Our aim is to produce the best possible returns for forest owners while establishing the highest standards of sustainable management.

We work with forest owners, managers, land agents and public bodies to achieve a wide range of objectives including commercial forestry and conservation.

If you would like to know more about our services and how we could help you to make the most of your woodlands, contact Steve Conolly, tel. 01667 402415

Visualise the future

With Cawdor Forestry's visualisation service you can see what your woodlands will look like in five or even 50 years time. Photo-real, accurate images based on your own maps and data that are perfect for consultation, licence and grant applications.