Digital Mapping

Digital mapping from Cawdor Forestry

Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS): the key to efficient management.

Mapping and spatial analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an essential part of efficient forest and estate management. Detailed, accurate and current data allows owners and managers to make informed decisions on their investments.

Spatial data can be complex; particularly in large, mixed use areas, where there is often a variety of crops and where characteristics and constraints vary across the landscape.  This is why a high-quality digital mapping service is absolutely critical.

Cawdor Forestry Digital Mapping Service: bespoke and comprehensive.

Our team of experts assess conditions and collect data using a combination of traditional methods, such as ground surveys and aerial photography, with the latest mobile data capture technology.  Field data is fed into our customised forest database which is linked to the latest GIS software.

This integrated system allows us to store, retrieve, manage, display, and analyse all types of geographic and spatial data derived from our client’s forests.  The resulting data informs management decisions and allows us to produce clear, detailed maps and other types of graphic display, including 3D visualisations.

To find out more about our digital mapping and GIS services please contact us here.

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