Cawdor Forestry’s Tree Planting Service: efficient, reliable, on time and on budget.

Cawdor Forestry’s contract tree planting service helps turn our client's plans into reality, after all, forestry is all about planting and growing trees.

Each year we plant more than 2 million trees, safely, reliably and on time.  Our two teams are tree planting experts who are directly employed by Cawdor Forestry.  This allows us to guarantee a reliable and effective service that meets all industry regulations and standards, and importantly with very high survival rates.

Planning our work is key, making sure that we do your planting when you expect it, with a team dedicated to the job, planting a consistent number of trees, until it’s complete.  Knowing that the team is there day in day out helps plant ordering and survival – the trees are planted fresh.

We always have an experienced supervisor on site full time who is directly responsible for quality, safety and liaising with our clients. Although our work is seasonal and it’s a tough job, our team members return to work for us year after year, giving continuity of skills and site knowledge.  Part of the reason that they return is that we look after them, giving training, job stability and sound pay in return for them doing a good job. Our planter's training includes planting techniques, plant handling, ATV, first aid and brush cutter.

We will take on jobs of only a few thousand or hundreds of thousands of trees with the same attention to detail.  We adapt to the needs of individual jobs, laying out trees with a range of machines and where necessary helicopter, making the job as efficient as possible.

Most of our contract work is tree planting, however we also do hand fertilising, brush-cutting and hand weeding, usually over the summer months.