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Cawdor Forestry Woodland Certification Service

Cawdor Forestry Woodland Certification Service: straightforward, affordable and effective.

Cawdor Forestry have been a pioneering force in the development of woodland certification ever since the first scheme was introduced into the United Kingdom in 1999. In that year we piloted the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme (UKWAS) in order to test its commercial and environmental value within the modern timber market. Soon after we helped Cawdor Estate become the first major Scottish estate to achieve accreditation. The scheme has subsequently proved a great success and UKWAS is now recognized by international forest certification schemes such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Pan European Forest Certification (PEFC).

UKWAS accreditation delivers a number of tangible benefits for the forest owner. Today’s consumer demands timber products that have been sourced from sustainably managed forests. Government agencies now typically insist upon the use of certified timber when tendering for government contracts. With approximately 40% of the UK’s forests having now achieved certification the commercial case for achieving UKWAS accreditation is beyond doubt. UKWAS certification can also help drive up standards of forestry management, leading to a reduction in overall costs, whilst at the same time helping forest owners to comply with the numerous legal and health and safety obligations that are part-and-parcel of modern forestry management.

Cawdor Forestry offers a straightforward, affordable and effective certification service which ensures our clients achieve and maintain UKWAS certification. The UKWAS benchmark covers every aspect of forestry management: from forestry planning through to timber harvesting. Achieving certification requires a detailed assessment and audit carried out by one of several independent certification bodies, with rigorous five yearly audits required to maintain certification. Cawdor Forestry provide clear and comprehensive advice on the most appropriate and cost-efficient method for achieving accreditation and we work closely with our clients through every stage of the certification process.

To find out how Cawdor Forestry can help you achieve UKWAS certification please contact us here.

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