Cawdor Forestry Woodland Certification Service: straightforward and cost effective.

Cawdor Forestry has been at the forefront of forest certification since the UK Woodland Assurance Standard was introduced in 1999. We piloted the standard to test its commercial and environmental value within the modern timber market, helping Cawdor Estate become the first major Scottish estate to achieve certification. Since then certification has become an integral part of forest management in the UK and covers more than 50% of the woodland area and 80% of the timber harvested.

UKWAS is endorsed by FSC and PEFC and covers the complete spectrum of forest management from planning to timber harvesting, and ultimately gives the consumer confidence that the timber product they are buying comes from a sustainable source. Certification delivers tangible benefits for the forest owner, which include improved timber prices and confidence that forest management practices meet environmental, safety and other legal obligations.

Cawdor Forestry offers a straightforward and cost-effective service to help our clients achieve and maintain UKWAS certification. This requires a detailed assessment and audit of the management which is carried out by one of several independent certification bodies. Cawdor Forestry provides clear and comprehensive advice on the most appropriate and cost-efficient method for achieving certification and we work closely with our clients through every stage of the certification process. This includes tailoring our systems and documentation to meet the needs of individual clients.

To find out how Cawdor Forestry can help you achieve UKWAS certification please contact us.