Cawdor Forestry: delivering efficient, cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and financially rewarding forest management services across Scotland.

We provide the following bespoke forest management services:

Management Planning
Our forestry management team work closely with our clients to establish comprehensive plans for the long-term development of their forests in accordance with forestry industry regulations and standards. We specialise in long-term planning and utilise a combination of traditional methods and new technologies to provide the detailed budgets and accurate work programmes that are vital for successful forestry management planning.

Forest Design
We work with specialist forest landscape architects to produce designs for a wide range of forestry developments, including timber harvesting, tree planting, improved access schemes and habitat enhancement. Our high quality designs, created using the latest 3D modelling and digital mapping technology, help forest owners gain planning and grant approval quickly and with minimal amendments.

Tree Planting
Tree planting is one of our key specialities, we are currently plant around two million trees per annum across Scotland. Our two teams of expert tree planters are directly employed by Cawdor Forestry, allowing us to guarantee a reliable and effective service that meets with the very latest forestry industry regulations and standards.

Timber Marketing
The global timber market presents an increasingly challenging marketplace and in-depth knowledge is essential. Our team are in constant contact with the global timber market and we sell over 30,000 tons of timber per annum: helping our clients to achieve the maximum returns on their forest investment.

Timber Harvesting
We offer a comprehensive harvesting service which includes site assessment, arrangement of felling licences, planning and supervision of harvesting operations, and the monitoring of health and safety and environmental controls. We work with a small number of highly skilled timber contractors and always source the most appropriate machinery for each operation.

Woodland Grants
Our strong working relationships with Forestry Commission Scotland and local government authorities ensures that we can recommend the best grants and incentives available. Our high quality design service creates proposals that are clear and easily amendable, also helping our clients to achieve success in what is an increasingly complex legislative environment.

Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Accurate mapping using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is now an essential part of efficient forest management. Cawdor Forestry has developed an integrated system linking a customised database to an advanced GIS package which offers our clients a bespoke and comprehensive digital mapping service; from site surveys through to 3D modelling and Visualisation.

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Certification is vital for any forest owner who wishes to sell into today’s extremely competitive timber market. Cawdor Forestry offers a straightforward, affordable and effective certification service: a service which has helped some of the largest private estates in Scotland achieve certification to UKWAS standard.

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