Cawdor Forestry’s Advanced 3D Visualisation Service: helping our clients plan for the future with confidence.

Forest management is a long-term business and owners and managers are often faced with making important projections decades ahead of a project’s fulfilment. With Cawdor Forestry’s 3D Visualisation Service our clients are able to accurately predict how their forest designs will impact upon the landscape, months, years and decades into the future.

Using the latest sophisticated 3D modelling technology we are able to take a client’s existing maps and data and create accurate, photo realistic, 3D images of their forest landscape. It is a hugely versatile and effective system. We can replicate any visual perspective and we can merge photographs, illustrations and CAD designs into the 3D model: allowing our clients to test different design options and view proposals from a multitude of vantage points. We can then fast forward to show our clients how their forest landscape will evolve over the months and years to come.

Cawdor Forestry’s Visualisation Service will benefit land owners and managers who are presenting plans for consultation exercises, environmental impact assessments, licence approvals and grant applications. Our 3D models combine accuracy with engaging visuals – a must for any persuasive presentation. What’s more, our expertise and experience in 3D Visualisation means that our service is both effective and cost-efficient.